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ProData Consult is one of the largest independent consulting companies for business and IT consultants in northern Europe. Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, and we have divisions in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Thanks to our large national and international network of client companies, we can offer our affiliated consultants a wide variety of exciting jobs.

We are among the largest supplier of business and IT consultants in Northern Europe in our segment. All of our consultants have a minimum of five years of professional experience and specialist expertise in the primary competency required by the client.

ProData Consult is a consulting company characterized by competitive pricing, flexibility, fast delivery, security and safety. We have the highest standards for our consultants' IT expertise, and our highest priorities are cooperation and personal service, both in relation to clients and consultants.

Our mission as a consulting company is to help our clients with their businesss and IT by delivering uncompromising quality.

The consulting company with the most jobs for independent consultants

ProData Consult has a great selection of freelance jobs for business and IT consultants. In 2017, we provided projects to over 1800 consultants and had over 300 active clients. We collaborate and have framework agreements with the largest companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

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A growing consulting company

ProData Consult has existed since 1994. The company was founded by IT consultants, and is now owned by an executive group of employees and board members. ProData Consult has been expanding steadily for the past many years, and has a constantly growing national and international network. We post only positive financial results, and have received the annual Børsen magazine 'Gazelle company' award several times, which is given to the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

In 2016, ProData Consult Group grossed €93 million.

A selection of our clients

Client statements

Nordic Aviation Capital:

Get all services at one place

Nordic Aviation Capital is a company in extremely rapid growth, which sets high demands to the company’s strategic, tactical and operational development.

It has been a massive challenge, as IT-manager, to meet the strategic goals and to maintain a synergy and link between the business strategy and technological support. On the operational level, this has meant challenges in finding the right IT-resources and competences which could lift the assignments fast enough while being able to maintain high quality delivery.

With ProData Consult as supplier of IT-consultancy, management services and with their near shoring center in Warsaw, Poland, I have a full-service provider, where I can get all services at one place. Having ProData as partner gives a great value because they offer new opportunities and services which I had never thought of before.

I have received management and strategic IT consulting, which has lifted the IT organization to a whole new level and created a strong link between business strategy and IT strategy, thereby ensuring the necessary impetus and optimization of the company's operating costs and agility.

In addition, ProData Consulting services have given me the ability to scale up using highly qualified skills. Furthermore, the implementation of Nearshoring using Polish consultants in ProData’s near shoring Centre in Warsaw has been a very positive experience. Both because of the consultants' very high level of competence but also their proactive approach and agility and not least an attractive price.

The partnership has met all the requirements and demands we had before we began working together - it is completely satisfactory. We could almost not keep up with the level of service that has been delivered, and I have a feeling that the red carpet is constantly being rolled out to me as a customer.

Mads Krog Jensen
IT Manager

Arla foods amba:

IT consultants relieve pressure and stress at Arla

"ProData Consult is an agile and flexible partner and they are good at finding the right consultant profiles for our IT projects at Arla.

It is also important to mention our close cooperation with ProData's Account Manager, who is very much present here. He has good ongoing dialogue and follow-up with the consultants and me, and he knows what is going on.

 The ProData consultants and Project Managers have a high success rate here at Arla. They deliver quality and make a point

of solving problems in a professional way. And all around, they demonstrate strong loyalty to us and look after Arla's interests in the project itself.

They also act as "backfillers," which means that we use them a lot during peak periods where they help us with peak loads and thus keep the stress level down for Arla's permanent employees.

Our Account Manager at ProData Consult also knows us well and is very much involved in our

projects and tasks. He is familiar with the field and knows which types of personalities match the task, so I spend very little time myself recruiting IT consultants. He almost takes on an HR role – and it really takes the pressure off me."

Christian Neumann
Senior Manager

Santander Consumer Bank (DK):

Rapid access to qualified skills

With ProData Consult as a supplier of IT consultants, we get rapid access to qualified skills and resources. They are characterized by their professionalism and quality, and the consultants are quick to adapt to our tasks, understand their roles and become an integrated part of our team.

With quality and speed ProData Consult has made ​​our development incredibly scalable and flexible. 

Flemming Kirkskov
IT Director

ProDataConsult has supplied extremely skilled consultants

ProData Consult understands and our culture really well. They know what we want, and the process of finding new consultants always moves really fast.

We have worked with the consultancy for eight years. They help us solve our scalability challenges when we lack the competencies we need in-house. For example, when we have bottlenecks in connection with legal requirement projects where we have to meet a very short deadline, and where we don’t have the option of scaling up internally.

ProDataConsult has supplied extremely skilled consultants who have helped us complete complex projects successfully and who have contributed to changing the company in a positive direction.

I am also very satisfied with the consultancy’s transparent approach to billing. We are always informed precisely what we are paying for and how much, and we have never had any disputes related to finances during my time at the company.

Morten Gade Christensen

Morten Gade Christensen


Service oriented, dependable, and professional

Since September 2014 SDC A/S has had a nearshore development center in Warszawa, Poland. At present our nearshore center counts around 60 consultants placed at two different locations in Warsaw operated by two of our vendors. We use multiple vendors for recruitment of resources.

Prodata Consult has helped from the beginning, and is still helping SDC attract the right profiles for our nearshore center. Also Prodata Consult is providing a full serviced office space for the resources including basic IT infrastructure facilities for the largest of our locations in a multivendor setup. We are happy with the services provided by Prodata Consult’s department in Poland.

It is my experience that ProData Consult is a very service oriented, dependable, and professional service and resource provider. 

Michael Madsen
Nearshoring Manager


It was an ‘aha’ experience is an online fashion market place which is a platform for thousands of clothing and shoe vendors. This means that we aren’t a traditional fashion clothing webshop, but rather a tech company which needs access to expert development resources because of our product’s constant development. 

This is why looking towards Poland was an obvious choice when we decided to expand our development division. And here ProData Consult was a good choice as a supplier, for example because of their large network of developers in Poland and the established setup they provide.

Even though we were searching for very specific competencies, including extensive experience with PHP and .NET development, we had interviews with several qualified candidates. That was an ‘aha’ experience considering how difficult it can be to find the right people in a small country like Denmark.

And all of the consultants ProData Consult provided were also highly motivated. They had a very professional approach to working with product development, and it wasn’t necessary to spend time on explaining project structure, tools and terms, because they were all familiar with them. 

But what we fell for when it was time to select a supplier was ProData Consult’s attractive model: there is no need to take people on staff, you can get started with 30 days’ notice, and you don’t have to commit to three months at a time, all of which saves you money. So it’s a no brainer if you want to get a development team started as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, billing is easy to handle, because you can see what you’re being charged for hour for hour, and in Danish kroner rather than Polish zloty.

Konrad Kierklo
Co-founder and Group CEO