How to make the transition from employee to freelance

If you are currently employed, have more than five years of IT business experience and would like to pursue a freelance career, we can help you get your first freelance contract.

Please note that for loyalty reasons we cannot help you, if your current employer is one of our clients.

There are basically two approaches to handling the transition from being an employee to becoming a freelance consultant:

  1. The safest way
    You complete your ProData CV but delay resigning from your present job until we have found your first freelance contract. This means that the client will have to wait until your notice period is over. This approach may take time as clients usually require the consultant to begin work very soon after an agreement is reached.
  2. The fastest way
    You complete your ProData CV, give notice at your present job and let ProData Consult know when you will become available for freelance work. This approach makes it easier for us to sell you, and it allows you to begin your freelance career faster. It does however also represent a greater financial risk for you.

Your current employer

It is important that you treat the company you are leaving in a proper and fair way. There is nothing wrong with seeking new challenges, but you should never leave a company with major unsolved problems.

Finish your current projects and make yourself available to transfer your expertise and products. Remember that as a freelance IT consultant you rely on your network and that your present employer could easily become your future client.