Privacy Policy for the publicly accessible parts of ProData Consult's web sites

(last updated March 2015)

Any information entered on our web sites may be registered in our CRM system for later use by our employees for personal contact and client relationship management. The information in our CRM system is stored on ProData Consult's own servers (which are physically located in ProData Consult headquarters in Denmark and adheres to the Danish Danish Data Protection laws) and are kept confidential. The communication between our different offices and sales representatives is encrypted.

Sales representatives may contact you personally, either by telephone or by e-mail, to answer your questions and in other ways be of service for your company.

Newsletters via e-mail are sent only to active clients and those that have specifically signed up for our newsletter here on this website - see the newsletter sign up page for more information on the frequency and content. All newsletters have an unsubscribe link which can be used to opt out.

Note: Any part of our web sites that require registration (such as the CV-site) is covered by a different privacy policy, which specifies further use for the e-mail, which must be accepted as part of the registration process.

Company names and addresses entered on our web sites may be used to send out general direct mail advertising/brochures, which generally occurs 2 to 6 times a year. You may opt out of these by calling, e-mailing or writing to our office (see contact information on contact page), where you specify the exact name and address, which is on the envelope, you have received from us, and request not to get any more advertising. We will save the given name and address, which does not want to receive advertising, in order to prevent that it will be added again in the future.

Use of the website, e-mail, and error messages can be registered by ProData Consult's IT department to reveal abuse and improve the site. This includes logging of your full IP address, if it is suspected to be malicious or otherwise will cause errors on the site, but this information is only available for administrators in the IT department, who can block access from specific sites.

Your information will never be disclosed to others without your consent.

Information about cookies and other content

ProData Consult's servers provide content (such as HTML, graphics, JavaScript, and cookies) from these domains:

  • * (multiple sub-domains who deliver encrypted versions of the above 3)

To experience the full functionality of our web sites, your browser must accept and store all of your content and cookies from the above domains during the duration of the visit, but you are welcome to delete all cookies and other content from these domains after each visit.

To improve the speed of the web site, HTML, graphics and JavaScript may be saved in your browser for up to 2 months.

The use of cookies in our domains can be divided into the following categories and purposes:

  • A: Anonymous identity cookies: Used for technical reasons to keep track of your current action, such as completing a form or request for information. Their duration can vary from one visit to six (6) months, with the duration extended after each new visit.
  • B: Cookies that store user selections, such as which language you use. Their duration can vary from one visit to six (6) months, with the duration extended after each new visit.
  • C: Additional cookies that can be stored in our or others' domains by third parties. Their duration can be up to several years of duration, extended after each new visit. These cookies come from plug-ins, which will be loaded from other domains than those mentioned earlier. You can safely block or opt out of these (blocking can be done by refusing access to the additional domains, from which the plug-ins are loaded from) .

You can browse through our website without accepting any of these cookies, but interactive forms and other functionality will probably not work without category A and B cookies.

Note: Any part of the website that requires login, is covered by a different privacy policy, by which a cookie that uniquely identifies you as an authorized user, is required.

Our cookies (category A and B) will never be used to link your data to any other service or tracking across the Internet. The legal entity responsible for category A and B cookies is:
    ProData Consult A/S
    Att.: IT department
    Stamholmen 157
    2650 Hvidovre

ProData Consult uses the following third party plug-ins at our websites, each of which has their own privacy policy and each can store cookies, which you're free to block or clear (according to category C above) :

  1. "Google Analytics": We use this to learn how people are using our public websites, and what response we get from placing ads on the Internet. You can read Google Analytic's privacy policy and opt-out from data acquisition/cookies at:
  2. "AddThis": We use this to offer you flexible options for sharing. You can read AddThis' privacy policy and opt-out from data acquisition/cookies at:

Please note that while 'AddThis' gives access to sharing on social networking services, such as Facebook, our pages do not use counters or other components that directly call these services without action by you. Please see the privacy policy information from each service provider, that you wish to use, to see what happens to your information when you begin sharing.


ProData Consult disclaims any liability for any misuse or loss of data.

ProData Consult can in no way be liable for the information that is available on the website, regardless of whether these against expectation should be incorrect. Therefore ProData Consult is not subject to liability for damage or loss, direct or indirect, incurred on the basis of the information that is available on the website.

You should check these conditions regularly, since it may be necessary to change them. This might happen in the context of changes to ProData Consult's service or changes in legislation.


This web site, generated ProData CVs, the database with skills, data and functionality as well as the whole procedure for creation of the generated CVS, is Copyright 2001-2015 ProData Consult A/S, Denmark.