Privacy Policy for ProData Consult's websites

(last updated May 2018)

Specific for the corporate website

Any information entered on our websites may be registered in our CRM system for later use by our employees for personal contact and client relationship management. The information in our CRM system is stored on ProData Consult's own servers and are kept confidential. The communication between our different offices and sales representatives is encrypted.

Sales representatives may contact you personally, either by telephone or by email, to answer your questions and in other ways be of service for your company.

Company names and addresses entered on our websites may be used to send out general direct mail advertising/brochures, which generally occurs 2 to 6 times a year. You may opt out of these by calling, emailing or writing to our office (see contact information on contact page), where you specify the exact name and address, which is on the envelope, you have received from us, and request not to get any more advertising. We will save the given name and address, which does not want to receive advertising, in order to prevent that it will be added again in the future.

Your information will never be disclosed to others without your consent.

Newsletters for clients

Newsletters via email are sent only to those that have specifically signed up for our newsletter here on this website - see the newsletter sign up page for more information on the frequency and content. All newsletters have an unsubscribe link which can be used to opt out.

Specific for the Client Module

The Client Module is a free service. To get access and give access to employees, clients need to talk with their Account Manager who is the only one that can grant them access.

The rules for the corporate website (above) and in general (below) still applies, but with additions in the frame agreement between our companies. Among other things, you must promise to keep data confidenial and not store CVs of our consultants for longer than necessary for filling a job (The client module gives you access to it for as long as the consultant still allows it).


In the Client Module you can activate notifications to your email address when certain things happen, such as new candidates found for a request. These notifications are something only you control when you log in - our employees cannot turn them on or off for you - and the notifications can be disabled the same place as they were turned on.

Specific for the consultant website

The information you enter on this site and provide to ProData Consult in any other ways such as mail, phone and/or interviews, may be stored in the ProData Consult database until you ask us to delete your data. The database is physically located at the ProData Consult headquarters in Denmark, and follows The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding the registration of information.

Sales representatives and our Sourcing employees may contact you personally, either by telephone or by email, to answer your questions and in other ways be of service for your company.

If you respond to a job but have not joined our CV site, then your CV and information will only be available for employees looking at that specific job - you will not be otherwise searchable. If we decided to forward your CV to the client, then the client will also have access to it when looking at that specific job request. To withdraw your CV from us and/or the client, contact the responsible sourcing employee by responding to the email confirmation you received when you applied for the job.

Newsletters for consultants

You can subscribe to our consultant newsletters without joining the CV site, but for the full description refer to the terms and conditions on the join page.

The job agent works independently from the CV site. It can only be started by you on the Freelance jobs page and it can only be stopped by you using the unsubscribe link in the emails - our employees cannot turn it on or off for you.

Specific for the CV site

Please refer to the terms and conditions on the join page.

Specific for the ConsultantApp

Our app for consultants offer some features from both the consultant website and the CV site, so conditions for both of those apply there too, but it has its own license and privacy policy available at:

General for all of our websites:

Data responsible and complains

The data responsible is:

ProData Consult A/S
Stamholmen 157
2650 Hvidovre
Phone: +45 4343 1171
VAT number: DK 26249627

If you have questions or complains regarding data protection or privacy, please contact:

Claus Flinck, COO

Supervisory authority

Since our headquarter is in Denmark, the overall supervisory authority is the Danish supervision:

External data processors

We can use external data processors to purposes like:

  • Virus and spam scanning of internet traffic and email traffic
  • Online email
  • Sending of newsletters (if subscribed)
  • Analysis of visitors and targeted commercials (if cookie popup accepted)
  • Hosting of servers with data (databases and webservers)
  • Sending push messages to apps (for those using our app, all notifications will go through Google Firebase, plus for iOS devices they will also go through Apple)
  • Processing of payments (as applicable)
  • Control and revision of accounting

As data responsible we will ensure that any data processors protect your information as well as ourselves, and that they are bound by the same limitations as we are regarding the use of your data.

Privacy Policy

Your information is stored on ProData Consult's own servers and is held confidential. Communication on the CV site and the Client Module and between offices is encrypted.

Use of the website, emails and error messages can be registered by the ProData Consult IT department to detect abuse and to improve the website. This includes logging your full IP address if it is suspected of being malicious or otherwise causes errors on the website, but this information is only available to the administrators in the IT department, who can use it to block access from specific locations.

Your information will never be passed on to others without your consent.

Our mission as a consulting company:

"To help clients with their business and IT needs by delivering uncompromising quality"

Our storage and processing of consultant and client data should always be with aligned with this purpose.

Information about cookies and other content

The ProData Consult servers serve content (such as HTML, graphics, JavaScript and cookies) from these domains:

  • * (multiple subdomains delivering secure versions of the above 3)

To access the website, your browser must accept and store all content and cookies from the above domains for the duration of your visit, but you are welcome to remove all cookies and other content from these domains after each visit.

To improve the speed of the website, HTML, graphics and JavaScript can be stored in your browser for up to 2 months.

The cookies on our domains fall in the following categories and purposes:

A-1: Anonymous identity cookies: Used for technical reasons to keep track of your current action, such as completing a form or request for information. Their duration can vary from one visit to six (6) months, with the duration extended after each new visit.

A-2: Identity cookies placed at time of login: Used to uniquely identify you as an authenticated user that has right to edit your own data. Their duration varies from one visit to 6 months, with the duration extended on each new visit.

B: Cookies storing user choices, such as which language you are using. Their duration varies from one visit to 6 months, with the duration extended on each new visit.

C: Additional cookies that might be stored under ours or others domains by third parties. Their duration can be up to several years, with the duration extended on each new visit. These cookies come from plug-ins that are loaded from domains different from those previously listed. You can safely block or opt out of those (blocking can be done by denying access to the additional domains from which the plug-ins are loaded). See list of third party plugins below for details.

The website requires the use of category A and B cookies. Category C cookies are only used on publicly accessible pages, such as the login page itself, but not past the login.

Our cookies (category A and B) will never be used to link your data to any other services or tracking across the internet. The legal entity responsible for category A and B cookies is:

ProData Consult A/S
Att.: IT department
Stamholmen 157
2650 Hvidovre

ProData Consult uses the following third party plug-ins on our websites, which each have their own privacy policy and each may store cookies that you are free to block or opt out from (as per category C above):

  • "Google Analytics": We are using this to learn how people use our public websites, and what response we get from placing advertisements on the internet. You can read the Google Analytics privacy policy and opt out of data collection/cookies at:
    (Analytics cookies are stored for 36 months after your last visit. Data sent to Analytics is not allowed to include data that can identify the person and we are only sending a partial IP address.)
  • Youtube: We serve video content from to protect your privacy, but there can still be cookies for technical reasons, and depending on what terms you might have accepted on Youtube, you might have allowed them to place additional cookies to track your usage.


This website, generated ProData CVs, the database with skills, data and functionality as well as the whole procedure for creation of the generated CVs, is Copyright 2001-2018 ProData Consult A/S, Denmark.