#10356 | 2018-01-11 Stockholm, Sweden

SE - 2x IT Architects for YZ Upgrade project - FDMEE Integration expert

Support for the current version of Oracle EPM running on the YZ platform has expired. The platform need to be upgraded to the latest version as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee availability if any new issues arise.

Statement of Work
FDMEE implementation
Due to the fact that Oracle is retiring FDM (Financial Data Quality Management) from EPM (Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management) in version and it will no longer be compatible with HFM it means that to be able to succeed with the version upgrade we need to ensure that the new integration tool FDMEE is implemented and fully working by go-live.
Minimum requirements:
  • Redesign of FINREP locations
o Minimize scripts by using multidimensional mappings
o Use of smartmerge/replace instead of delete locations
o Direct connection from Nordig to FINREP, GSIB3 and FINREP to GSIB3
o Minimize logic accounts by using separate data load rules in one location
  • Healthcheck of Nordig and GMRR locations
o Minimize scripts by using multidimensional mappings
o Possible usage of Custom4 dimension for split of data source
o BAM tool data load status as currently
o Bulkload functionality for restatement periods
o Use of new functionalities for restatement
o Direct connections between two applications in cleaning process
o Use of smartmerge/replace
  • Validate use of automated/semi-automated loads

Nice to have:
  • Direct connections instead of flatfiles
  • Mapping of factsconverter extract (FINREP)
  • Other needs for HFM as source and “third party” as target

Scope of work
  • Analysing current solution,
  • Application design - new setup to utilize the new features in the best possible way (e.g in terms of the performance, maintenance, etc.),
  • Building integrations - Migrated FDMEE application on development and test environments
  • Integration testing – migrated applications tested in development and test environments
  • Technical design FDMEE applications

  • Design document (including assessment of the replacement of flatfiles integration to direct connections)
  • Scripting for interfaces not to be provided within multidimensional mapping
  • Migration results and integration test reports
  • Documentation of the interfaces

Requested role
  • FDMEE Integration expert

Required skillset
  • Advanced knowledge of FDMEE
  • Previous experience of several complex Oracle EPM implementations
  • Knowledge of current EPM setup (components, applications, integrations)

FDMEE training
Closed Class FDMEE admin & development training – 10 trainees (2 days + 1 day).
Training approach to be decided – e.g. division into 1 day of general training and 1 day of example-based migrations summary after implementation.

Requested role
  • FDMEE Integration expert

Required skillset
  • Advanced knowledge of FDMEE
  • Knowledge of current EPM setup
  • Oracle EPM product prior training experience

Replacement of the EAL
If possible, the project will remove EAL and replace it with integrations done using FDMEE instead.
At first, project need to determine EAL replacement possibility as part of feasibility study.

  • Feasibility study – analysis of using FDMEE for EAL integrations
  • FDMEE implementation of EAL interfaces optional

Requested role
  • FDMEE Integration expert

Required skillset
  • Advanced knowledge of EAL, FDMEE, HFM, Essbase
  • Knowledge of current EPM setup (components, applications, integrations)

Start: 2018-03-01
Duration: 2018-05-31
Work location: Stockholm, Sweden
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

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