#10812 | 2018-03-13 Oslo, Norway

System Readiness Delivery Responsible Consultant

Our client is in need of a consultant who is going to be responsible for ensuring, that all deliveries within the described scope are delivered as planned and with the correct content.

In scope of role:
  • Responsible for the preparation of system content and all necessary settings of the iTravel solution including organizational data.
  • Responsible for Masterdata development (User Data and User Rights)
  • Responsible for Golden Configuration development
  • Responsible for Content Development (Business Data)
  • Business rules in terms of system setup
  • Contribute to identifying all system related task necessary to golive, compilation of checklist and monitoring methods for system readiness assessment.
  • Responsible for the planning and implementation of decommissioning and sunsetting of systems, including:
  • Analysis of systems that become redundant
  • Archiving data
  • Shutdown
  • Storage and restart

  • Responsible for contributing to the development of detailed project plans; identifying resource needs to support delivery efforts and coordinating the daily activities of the development teams in alignment with project plans.

  • Is expected to manage the planning of activities within each release, identify potential risks, provide direction to the Organizational Readiness responsible, Technical Delivery Responsible and the Delivery Lead – and contribute with the necessary knowledge to a holistic golive approach. Will participate in roadmap update process from a system golive perspective.

  • Communicate project status regularly to project manager and to participate in internal project status meetings.

Out of scope for role:
  • The System Readiness Delivery Responsible is not expected to communicate and adjust project milestones
  • The System Readiness Delivery Responsible is not expected to escalate issues or Risks to IBS or internal stakeholders

Personal Qualifications:
  • Very good communicative skills
  • Friendly and good understaning of people
  • Good understanding of system and and organization
  • Systematical and analytical
  • Persitant

If this is interesting please contact the responsible for the assignment or state you interest in the form bellow in this page

Start: Mars / April
Duration: 12 Mnd + Option
Work location: Oslo, Norway
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

Sorry, we are no longer seeking consultants for this project.

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