#11341 | 2018-06-01 København, Denmark

Actimize SME and Training Analyst

the candidate is expected to join the project that will improve the Control Room and Market Abuse Surveillance functions for the client, through implementing a new operating model and associated system support

The responsibility covers the data content and usage throughout the solution. This includes for example:
  • Make assessments of what data actually is needed, based on business requirements, regulations and feasibility. Example: Scope of data from Bureau Van Dijk. Drive discussions and make decisions based on professional judgements
  • Verifying from the client’s perspective that the mapping of data across the solution is as expected (from source to Actimize UDM and AIS, from Control Room module to ERCM, from E-communication module to ERCM etc)
  • Calibrating the models towards the client’s specific data to reduce the number of false positives and false negatives. This is done through understanding the inner working of each of the implemented Actimize models, and thus how the client’s data is utilized to generate alerts
  • Continual training and knowledge transfer to the client’s team on the Actimize platform and the various models that the client is implementing
  • The role will work across all streams and report to the programme manager

Cooperation with many other project roles, including:
  • Business product owners and end users (the candidate must fully understand all target business processes)
  • Architects (responsible e.g. for ordering sourcing of the right attributes, for the right products)
  • IT project manager (responsible e.g. for practical tracking of source system development)
  • Test manager (responsible for the strategy and administration of all testing, and executing SIT testing)
  • The role will grow in line with the programme execution and is expected to take a primary position in driving the business change for the client

  • Perform knowledge transfer for the client’s employees for the work that the role carries out and the Actimize platform
  • Own the end-to-end data integration architecture
  • Validate that each data delivery is as expected and planned
  • Facilitate discussion, propose solutions and drive decision-making
  • Plan the various transition states leading up to the full data integration picture

  • Very deep experience in Actimize models relating to Market Abuse Surveillance
  • Wide understanding of the compliance area, including the establishment of a Control Room and E-communication surveillance
  • Experience from all aspects of an Actimize MAS implementation, ranging from pre-study and requirement specification through development onto go-live and business as usual processes
  • Ability to coach and train the other project members in how to utilize the Actimize solution

Start: 11th June 2018
Duration: 31st July 2019
Work location: København, Denmark
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

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