#12197 | 2018-10-04 Copenhagen, Denmark

Program Manager - Control Room and Market Abuse Surveillance

For an enterprise financial client in Copenhagen, we are looking for a Program Manager for a Control Room and Market Abuse Surveillance program.

The Control Room (CR) and Market Abuse Surveillance (MAS) Programme is a Group wide programme aiming at mitigating Compliance risks with the client.

The programme consists of two tracks: CR system and MAS system. CR is being configured to meet the clients requirements whilst MAS system is an of-the-shelf solution.

The complexity of the programme is multifaceted as:

  • System configuration, testing and implementation is complex
  • High data dependency from broad range of sources
  • Tuning the modules to provide accurate alerts (minimizing false positives)
  • Building architecturally sustainable IT solutions

In essence, this is a massive undertaking and thus we need a candidate that is strong in Program Management and has experience with implementing Actimize solutions.

Specific skills needed:
  • Experienced Program Manager
  • Drive and manage a Group Programme
  • Manage an Actimize implementation
  • Thorough understanding of Compliance process and how to embed new system
  • Negotiation skills with external vendors
  • Broad range of stakeholder to manage efficiently

Start: 22. October 2018
Duration: 28. Dec 2018 + opt. for prolongation
Work location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

Sorry, we are no longer seeking consultants for this project.

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