#12234 | 2018-10-09 Stockholm, Sweden

SE - Senior IT analyst (16525)

Senior IT Analyst to handle day-to-day support and development of Abasec system.

Brief Project description:

  • Develop the Backoffie system Abasec
participate in a migration project with the purpose of expanding the usage of Abasec

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Develop the system allowing for further expansion of the system usage
simplifying and stabilising the present setup

Key competences

  • Back office business knowledge and understand of the Capital Markets business flow.

  • Expert knowledge with 3 part vendor systenm Abasec

Expert knowledge with SQL , Transact SQL
knowledge about Windows, remote desktop , user support , use to work with GUI and gateways development.

Start: 2018-10-12
Duration: 2019-12-31
Work location: Stockholm, Sweden
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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If you have any questions about this project, you are welcome to contact the resource department:

Oscar Persson
Sourcing Specialist

Phone+46 76 85 65 272

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