#12317 | 2018-10-16 Helsinki and Stockholm, Finland

Data & Business Analyst

For a financial client we are looking for a Data & Business Analyst to join the Master Data Management business unit. This team builds the bridge between business processes, data management and customer master data systems, focusing on simplification and compliance.

The position will offer an opportunity to develop the data quality processes for customer and
counterparty data in the new Customer and Counterparty Master MDM solution.
You will conduct demanding data and business analysing, process and tool development activities in MDM area.

As a Data & Business Analyst your responsibilities include:
  • Definition of approach, process and business rules for deduplication of records and describing the requirements (epics and features) for the technical implementation:
  • Data analysing and data profiling of relational databases data with SQL, excel and/or other data analysing tools to understand reasons for duplicates.
  • Interviewing of business stakeholders, application owners and branch co-workers in order to understand business processes and reasons for duplicates.
  • Active co-operation with IT development team and business counterparts. Acts as an intermediator in between IT and business.
  • Creating epic and feature requirements for technical implementation.
  • Supporting technical implementation in feature creation.
  • Verification of technical implementation in user acceptance testing.
  • Preparation of guidelines and work instructions for data management people..
  • Data modelling and visualising of your findings in presentations.

Competence requirements are:
  • Experience in the Data and Business Analyst role.
  • SQL, excel and data analysing skills.
  • Experience in large scale Data Management project(s) or similar IT development projects.
  • Project management mindset.
  • Networking, negotiation and communication skills (oral and written).
  • Ability adapt your message to recipient and visualise data, data models and structures in a clear way.
  • Familiarity of SAFe and Agile development methodologies.
  • To be fluent in English and preferably in one of the Nordic languages.

The location will be Finland and Sweden.

Start: 25th of October 2018
Duration: 25th of April 2019
Work location: Helsinki and Stockholm
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

Sorry, we are no longer seeking consultants for this project.

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