#13064 | 2019-02-05 Gentofte, Denmark

Python/Data Lake Developer

For a client in the energy industry, we are looking for a Senior Python/Data Lake Developer for a world that runs entirely on green energy.

As a professional developer, you will join a young, elite team of a dozen software-inclined physicists, engineers and mathematicians, operating as an internal consultancy within the client. We are known as the Numerical Competence Centre.

We advise on, develop, and deliver specialized software tools and numerical modelling solutions for internal customers across the organization, in direct support of the clients effort to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

We are engaged, challenge assumptions and the status quo, and get the freedom to do things right with low overhead, to deliver what our clients need (not necessarily what they think they need).

We are strong in physics and numerical methods, and are software dev enthusiasts. We need a software dev professional to complement this skill set and raise it to a new level.


Most importantly, you are versatile and can figure out how to make whatever tools and systems are thrown at you work together in new ways.

In particular, you are skilled in the following:
  • Python, for desktop as well as web apps (with some relevant front-end framework)
  • Application deployment on cloud platforms for large datasets (we use Azure Data Lake / Databricks / Spark)
  • DevOps and associated tool ecosystem (we use Azure DevOps as well as JetBrains' suite)
  • Best practices in programming and software development (including clean code, version control, code review, continuous integration etc.)
  • As we regularly port legacy MATLAB code to Python, some knowledge of MATLAB will be useful

Ideally, you are prepared to show us some of your work, e.g. your contributions to open-source projects or other examples of code that you have written / systems that you have developed.
Some familiarity with physics, engineering, numerical modelling, math, machine learning or similar, as well as with software packages typically used in these disciplines, will come in handy and will facilitate communication, but is by no means absolutely required.

Each of us takes responsibility and initiative to drive our projects toward their goal – our goal – and we never hesitate to support each other in this mission. You must be willing to do so as well.

What we will do together
We drive a stream of projects of very diverse characters. You will participate in defining the area and scope of your contribution, in accordance with your strengths and interests, within the framework of current project portfolio needs.

Current focus areas include:
  • Cyber-physical system to predict the remaining lifetime of hundreds of wind turbines: design and deploy in a data lake environment (Python, Azure Data Lake, legacy MATLAB)
  • Cable burial in seabed: optimization of burial strategy, and sensor-driven verification of its implementation (Python, Azure Data Lake, SQL)
  • Orchestrating app to scale up the design of new-concept wind turbine foundations for massive offshore wind farms (Python thick client orchestrating a suite of niche applications)

Our development processes include version control, code review, continuous integration etc. In addition, we are supporting an effort to roll out agile frameworks across the organization by implementing scrum in the projects in which we are involved.

Start: 18. February 2019
Duration: 31. July 2019
Work location: Gentofte, Denmark
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

Sorry, we are no longer seeking consultants for this project.

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