#14889 | 2019-10-04 København, Denmark

DevOps with Java development background

We are seeking a DevOps with Java developer background.


  • Should participate in Java application development as and when needed
  • Should be responsible for overseeing and ensuring timely software releases for organizations and should manage the software implementation process from development to execution.
  • Work with development, QA, and project management teams to set release schedules and environments in a dynamic fast-paced manner.
  • Should be managing, documenting, and enhancing an organization's software products and implementations.
  • Facilitating and championing the quick resolution of problems found during the daily build and deployment efforts.
  • Working closely with the development team to integrate new deployment processes and strategies to meet our feature requirements.
  • Should be responsible to handle multiple release environment simultaneous


  • Java development using Spring Boot, hands-on experience in SDLC process
  • Release Management together with Version Control Management,
  • Build Management,
  • Software Artefact Management,
  • Configuration Management,
  • Environmental management,
  • Deployment Management,
  • Approvals and staging,
  • Deployment Pipelines,
  • Release Dashboard
  • Change Management Integration.

Required skills:

  • Expert on Java, SpringBoot application development
  • Expertise on BitBucket and internally in BitBucket
  • Heavy experience with Jenkins - build / test / approve / deployment pipeline
  • Experience with Nexus Repository Manager and handling of Docker Maven Repository and NPM.
  • Experience with Maven - package / deploy
  • Experience in configuring Hygieia to visualize the entire delivery pipeline health.
  • Confluence experience
  • Strong background in Linux / Unix commands and Shell scripting.
  • Nexus artifact repository management experience to easily distribute the software. And solid experience with both stocks -Docker Maven and NPM.
  • Actual experience with ServiceNow, especially with regard to change restrictions and automation
  • Experience with OpenShift Container Orchestration with runtime platform, implementations, environments and configuration.
  • Experience with database tools - Liquibase and Flyway for versioning, refactoring and migrating the schema to multiple environments.

Functional and soft requirements:

  • Can work with development teams
  • Can provide instruction to teams and can manage release plans
  • Is agile and can adjust to rapidly changing scenarios
  • Should be able to switch between structured and systematic mode and dynamic & agile mode based on project needs.
  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills with strong ability to handle multiple activities and priorities simultaneously.

Start: Soonest possible
Duration: 6 months + extension
Work location: København
Requirements: At least 5 years of professional project experience
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

Sorry, we are no longer seeking consultants for this project.

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