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Are you a top-level software developer searching for new opportunities?

At ProData Consult, we are looking for experienced developers who can develop successful IT solutions, produce code of the highest quality and who have a minimum of five years of experience with software development.

As a software developer, your goal is to always develop tailored, functional IT solutions which match the client’s expectations. This means that it’s crucial that you are:

  • a professional, flexible and efficient development specialist
  • a specialist in software development who masters several programming languages
  • able to deliver user-friendly software which lives up to the client’s needs and requirements.

In addition, you are able to work with a variety of technologies and programming languages, and you can advise the client on their advantages and limitations. Some of the primary competencies our clients request are C#, PHP, JavaScript, .NET and Java.

Are you a software developer? We have your next job!

ProData Consult is Denmark’s largest supplier of freelance jobs for IT consultants, and we have a large selection of jobs for software developers.

As a software developer for ProData Consult’s clients, you play a decisive role in deciding how the web or system solution is experienced from the user perspective. Your work is crucial to making the solution a success among the client’s end-users. You are often be part of the client’s development team, which works together on the development project.

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