#9857 | 2018-01-03 Oslo, Norway

Fullstack Java Developer - Still Looking for Candidates

Job description:
  • Work in a team with enthusiastic and dedicated people.
  • Primarily work together with the team to migrate an existing system and applications to a new data center.
  • Some development of front-end and back-end functionality, integration with internal and external systems.
  • Some development of REST API services.

The qualifications you need:
  • You have passionate commercial experience (4+ years) as a software engineer. You are a highly skilled and passionate team member with a strong desire to deliver value, have strong professional competencies, and like to share knowledge with your colleagues.

  • You have higher education, preferably a Master’s degree in IT. Extensive experience as a developer can compensate for lack of formal education.

  • You have excellent understanding of technologies and design patterns, and solid experience in developing loosely coupled applications of high quality and testability.

Professional qualifications:
  • Good experience in pair programming

  • Understanding of and experience with agile/lean methodologies.

  • Solid knowledge in Java and/or Scala.

  • Knowledge on microservice architecture.

  • Good experience in developing RESTful APIs.

  • Good experience with Play, Scalatra, Spring or similar frameworks.

  • JavaScript experience including JavaScript libraries/frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, ReactJS, JQuery, lodash, Underscore etc.).

  • Experience on HTML and CSS including Sass and/or Less.

  • Knowledge and experience on web/application servers such as Apache HTTP server, Nginx, Jetty, WebLogic, Tomcat, NodeJS etc.

  • Knowledge on Linux OS is an advantage.

  • Good knowledge with continuous integration and build pipelines using Jenkins CI server, Ansible, Puppet, Chef or similar.

  • Knowledge and experience with Gradle and/or Maven build tools.

  • Experience with Git.

  • Professional written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Norwegian or one of the other Scandinavian languages is a desire but not a requirement.

Start: ASAP
Duration: 5 months
Work location: Oslo, Norway
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

Job is closed

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