After a long, hot Danish summer, the autumn has got off to a flying start for our consultants.

Busy autumn

After a long, hot Danish summer, the autumn has got off to a flying start for our consultants.

In Q3, ProData Consult passed the mark of 400 consultants on assignments for our Danish clients alone. This is up by +30% from last year.

As we are also getting reports of some of the strongest ever pipelines from our key clients, the autumn season looks extremely interesting.

Besides our faithful clients in the private sector, we have a steady influx of public-sector clients, and "public" now accounts for more than 20% of our total revenue. After a long and slow start, our SKI 02.15 (consultant) and 02.16 (project) agreements are beginning to bring in assignments.

If you do not already have an updated ProData CV and would like an assignment in the second half-year, I strongly urge you to go to, update your CV and "report for duty".

This issue of ConsultantNews focuses on Mobility – a niche area that did not really take off until the iPhone was launched in 2007. Since then, its market share and significance have increased explosively and everyone in the sector has to consider Mobility and the many changes and opportunities that are following in its wake.

It is amazing to work in a sector where things move so much and so quickly.
We have also planned a forum evening on this topic. There are further details on the back page of how one of our most skilled and experienced consultants in this area will be sharing his knowledge.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Søren Rode

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