This is why you need an experienced provider of consultants

Interview with Jan Wolff, CCO in ProData Consult

Today, companies are working hard to stay on top of their customers’ needs. The IT departments are - to a greater extent than ever before - confronted with demands to become more agile, re-adjust faster, shorten time-to-market, and provide continuous value to the business. Everything is changeable, and what we know today is gone tomorrow. A situation like this requires a flexible and scalable model when competences and resources have to be brought to the organization.     

“The demand of a specific IT competence often emerges acute and becomes a necessity for the delivery of the solutions the client needs. To bring a consultant on board is an easy and flexible way to handle this situation,” says Jan Wolff, who has more than ten years of experience with pairing the clients’ needs with the right consultants.

In addition to bringing resources when there is an acute need, the usage of consultants gives the company an opportunity to obtain a high level of scalability. If you are going through a big transformation, such as the example of BEC’s transformation to working with SAFe®, it is crucial that you have access to a large amount of qualified resources. This is also applicable if the organization is experiencing a greater amount of pressure, and according to Jan Wolff, it requires a partner who can deliver when the need occurs.          

“At ProData Consult, our business is based on our ability to combine speed, quantity, and quality. By this, I mean that we can deliver expert consultants in immense quantities and with short notice. That is what our clients expect.”

An experienced provider of consultants offers the scalability and flexibility that is necessary to operate on a market and in situations which are constantly changing. Furthermore, it gives the organization a feeling of security as the provided consultant has the experience and ability to assert themselves.

“When you work with experienced consultants, it is expectable that they deliver from day one. You get a resource who can deliver value right away,” Jan Wolff explains.   

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