5 personality traits that characterize the good consultant

As a freelance consultant, your everyday life is changeable and constantly challenging. Therefore, you have to be of a special caliber to achieve success. Even though there is no fixed formula for successful consultants, there are some characteristic personality traits that often recur with the best consultants. Here, ProData Consult’s senior sourcing specialist Helle Ehlers gives her estimate of some of the personality traits that characterize a good freelance IT consultant.

You are self-contained

When you start in a new organization, as a consultant, your charisma has great influence on the way you get off to a good start in the organization. If you radiate knowing who you are, and what you stand for – both personally and professionally, people tend to get more easily drawn towards you. When you are self-contained, people are more inclined to see you as a sparring partner because you automatically have a calmness that surrounds you and your work. Part of this quality is also knowing when it is necessary to step in and when it is not.

You show commitment

You are dedicated in what you do, and you have a positive and communicable attitude towards the challenges that you and your colleagues face. Your passion for your craft and the project you have taken on is not to be mistaken. And you are not afraid to show your commitment throughout the whole process – from the preliminary interview until the end of your project.

Your unmistakable engagement affects the people you work with, and it advances both the cooperation, but also the energy. You have a ‘can-do’- attitude which gives the client comfort in knowing that you have the competences and ability to reach the target.

You are self-aware and have self-insight

Most people who are self-contained also tend to have a great amount of self-awareness and self-insight. These are important qualities for a freelance consultant, as it is important that you are confidential with your limitations and also honest and open about these.

Thus, you know exactly what your strongest sides are, and you manage to properly bring them out. On the contrary to this, you also know and are able to compensate for your weaker sides and to be honest about them. As a good consultant, you are complacent in a humble way so that you give a clear impression of what your key competences are, and how you can bring value to the client.

You are good at matching expectations

During the process from searching for a job to starting one, there will be several times where you will need to adjust expectations. Therefore, you know when to adjust both your own expectations but also the client’s or the supplier of consultants’. If you manage to match expectations throughout the whole process, you more easily can avoid possible conflicts. A good consultant is also characterized by the ability to efficiently manage these situations.

You are professional

Naturally, professionalism is also characteristic for good freelance consultants. You are professional from A-Z in your work. You familiarize yourself with things both before the consultant-interview, but also before starting a new assignment. You put the client’s needs in front of your own, and you know that your foremost job is to create value for the client.

To be professional is also about treating your team as equals and to not degradingly talk about people. You follow the matter through, you do as you say, and you can handle criticism. You know how best to juggle the many aspects of the industry so that you leave the best possible impression.  

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